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Election-Related Sources 
*ACE Electoral Knowledge Network - An online knowledge repository that provides comprehensive information on elections and electoral processes around the world.
*Adam Carr's Election Archive - Archive of election statistics from around the world.
*African Elections Project - Information portal on elections in several west and southern African countries. (Not affiliated with the African Elections Database)
*Center for Research on Direct Democracy - Data on direct democratic institutions, including referendums, plebiscites, and other initiatives.
*Election Results Archive - Center on Democratic Performance, Binghamton University (New York, USA).
*IFES ElectionGuide - News and information on elections held around the world.
*International IDEA Voter Turnout Database - A global collection of voter turnout statistics.
*Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Parline Database - Legislative election results and information.
*Maximiliano Herrera's Electoral Calendar - A frequently updated calendar of scheduled elections from around the world.
Election Monitoring Organizations
Leaders & Statesmen
*RulersComprehensive lists of heads of state and government for all countries and territories.
*World - An online encyclopedia of the leaders of nations and territories.
*World Political Leaders (Zárate's Political Collections) - A repository of 213 chronologies of world leaders by country
*First African Rulers (Zárate's Political Collections) - A list of the first leaders in each African country after independence.
*Lists of office-holders (Wikipedia) - Lists of incumbents (individuals holding offices or positions), including heads of states or of subnational entities.
News & Media Outlets
*Africatime - In French.