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Interregnum (April 2008-December 2010)
The African Elections Database was regularly updated from its launch on 10 November 2004 through April 2008. During that period through my personal research, I had built up an extensive set of documents, articles, and other materials that aided me in expanding this site. In April 2008, the computer containing all of that valuable information crashed in such a way that I was unable to retrieve anything from it. I lost everything.
Now, with a new computer and an ever-growing set of resources, I decided to resume updating the database that I had put so much time into previously. I'm closely monitoring recently-held elections while obtaining figures from the roughly 30+ elections that took place during the interregnum period.
Since this site is a one-man operation, it will take time to make all of the necessary updates. My goal and purpose for creating the African Elections Database remain the same as before: "To provide a comprehensive archive of past and present election results for the 48 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa."
For more information on the updating process, please see: