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23 April 2006 Municipal Elections in Burkina Faso
National Summary*
Registered Voters 3,807,424
Total Votes (Voter Turnout) 1,870,017 (49.1%)
Invalid/Blank Votes    114,934
Total Valid Votes 1,755,083
Party Number of Seats (17,786)
Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) 12,854
Alliance for Democracy and Federation-African Democratic Rally (ADF-RDA) 1,637
Union for the Republic (UPR) 610
Party for Democracy and Socialism (PDS) 357
African Independence Party (PAI) 337
Party for Democracy and Progress-Socialist Party (PDP-PS) 319
Rally for the Development of Burkina (RDB) 279
Coalition of Democratic Forces (CFD) 252
National Union for the Defense of Democracy (UNDD) 200
Union for Rebirth-Sankarist Movement (UNIR-MS) 164
Democratic Awakening of the Masses (RDM) 146
People's Movement for Socialism-Federal Party (MPS-PF) 96
Social Forces Front (FFS) 64
Sankarist Pan-African Convention (CPS) 52
Union of Patriots for Development (UPD) 49
Rally for Popular Prosperity-Gwasigi (RPP-Gwasigi) 42
Rally of Democrats for Faso (RDF) 34
Alliance for Progress and Liberty (APL) 31
Alliance for the Defense of Democracy and Progress (ADDP) 29
Party for National Rebirth (PAREN) 24
Union for Democracy and Development (UDD) 24
Convergence for Social Democracy (CDS) 18
National Convention of Progressive Democrats (CNDP) 17
Democratic and Revolutionary Alliance (ADR) 17
Cultural Activity Movement for Political Ennoblement (MACENPOL) 14
Organization for Democracy and Labor (ODT) 13
Union of Democratic Forces (UFD) 13
Rally of the Republicans (RDR) 12
Ecological Party for the Development of Burkina (PEDB) 10
Alliance for Rebirth, Democracy, and Integration (ARDI) 9
Group of Patriotic Democrats (GDP) 9
Party for Progress and Social Development (PPDS) 9
New Alliance Party (PNA) 8
Rally of the Ecologists of Burkina (RDEB) 7
Convergence of Hope (L'Espoir) 7
Convention for Democracy and Liberty (CDL) 6
Burkinabe Liberal Party (PLB) 3
Rally of Independent Forces-Party of the Youth of Burkina (RFI-PJB) 3
Patriotic Front for Change-Yelemani (FPC-Yelemani) 3
National Patriots Party (PNP) 2
People's Democratic Rally (RDP) 1
Social Union of Burkina (USB) 1
Movement of Progressive Democrats (MDP) 1
Sankarist Democratic Front (FDS) 1
New Social Democracy (NDS) 1
Union of Progressive Forces (UFP) 1
*Final Results of the municipal elections were released on 26 May 2006, but detailed information on the number of seats won by all parties is not available. Only seats won by the top three parties were listed - Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) – 12,793 seats out of 17,786, the Alliance for Democracy and Federation-African Democratic Rally (ADF-RDA) – 1,572 seats, and 600 seats were won by the Union for the Republic (UPR). Figures in the table are based on the detailed provisional final results released in early May 2006.